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Related article: Date: Monday, October 12, 2009 18 29th 0100 41 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 39 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it Asian Lolita was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate iMagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the formAtting or punctuation go turn the tide, now I know why ! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom Asian Lolita E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Chapter 39 - bedridden as well as Tom and Alex Martin had put on the seats and talk to him on the way home, it seemed that Simon now fallen for his charm smooth. It was not, or at least Simon does not believe was Asian Lolita a totally sexual, although the size of Martin certainly put it in the mind almost in the same league as him. Martin was more than very simple Walk type and personality is key. Brotherly loveSimon knew that part as an art really extroverted, messy, and loud, while Martin appeared articulate, quiet and pensive. is chalk and cheese, and certainly was a part of the bait, which would be an example, Martin, probably the most stable is the first choice for many children. a little confused by all Simon limped home thinking about emotional problems physics. It was, of course, the size of Martin Hahn in terms of their small body size was in the equation, and the input nodes Martin pants again witness more than a passing interest in \\ \\ n Simon Art had sunk in thought, despite its particular concern was n in relation to issues of a much more practical than cerebral. logistics as well. "treasures, mom at home? " Simon asked, opening the door kicked. " do not know. " Said Art sounded rusty door behind them. "? You are peat, that always do Hey, now stick yer gonna say WOT, WOT mother or " hit Simon 's head : "No, No, can't. I'll wait for Dad. want, " " You have to tell you something, you know WOT, which have ask for you.. you are your little baby ! " " Baby! Fuck you ! Well, you say something to her, then. " " OK. " Type shrugged and put the key in the lock. " Hi guys. Good day at school? " As always, the voice of the kitchen. That's what mothers are in the kitchen all day ? Type is completed quickly unthinkable! " Wonderful. " said Art waives all amenities and get to the point : " What about mom's tea, I 'm starving. " " I'll make a good salad with ham. " " Oh, Mom. This isyuck. "Simon said less than touch, " we can not have chips and things? " " YER fried eggs and dip 'em in. And some beans ? "High hopes of Art. " Yuk, I was young. And the answer is no. N is good and healthy for you. " " Well, I 'm going to solve the task. "Simon said with disgust and went to stairs skillfully avoids any contact from the band interrogated about your injury. Linda said: " Simon... how are you.. it's better," ". Mom, I 've missed, gets up to go do their homework," said Art hope that she could escape. He also had an urgent appointment with n hidden pairs of pants on the bottom of the bag! " Come to nature, I am in the kitchen. " White " Yer, well, how I got it ! " Art said in a resigned voice. It was gradually, starting with the line n to the idea of ​​being awakened in the view writings. " Well, you know what's wrong with Simon, do you? " Linda smiled benevolent. " Um... but mom, but I sorta promised not to say Why do not you ask yerself ". "I'm worried about him, " type is based on the table and put a face, which was what I expected , if not fear. " Well, then I am going to say it is? " " Well, then you can not wait for daddy to come home, he will tell you. It was all is a bit rushed this morning, right? " ", but still a couple of hours, " Linda said, smiling," andhe is my baby. " " Baby! WOT is. " Art Explosion a laugh " It's a big baby is fine, " smiled Linda and whispered," Well, you were once !. " " Maybe it was, but I can not say mama yet. "Tell me, how nice that once not going to win this round ! " Of course you can. I want to know every inch of you two and I do not think you can tell me things I do not know. " " WOT? "Said Art with horror viewing a baby rooster inspection. " Every inch from us? " " Obviously, I am your mother, little chubby s dust use below! "She smiled sweetly, " Now I come to want to know what it is all more. I will not say or do. " kind just hated it, from when he was a child language. Apart from the fact that he knew that that did not abandon his mother and would not rest until n said. You Simon wanted to know and know I would! " Come on, you will not mind. " " Now... " " Now.. What? " There was no escape now, you should have stuck. is HHMM..... Well, is your... " art has begun, but discontinuedabruptly. that was in fact could not even say the word penis in any form, , or form. " is art. It's so bad ? " " Well... it's for Simon !" That was an understatement. " Oh, come on, who does not care ! " N " He is! " Looking to the ground, mutilated quickly: "He's... he's hurt... n his favor, do not tell Willie I said when my father has is what is right.. !. Ask: " " only dad, he will tell you. what! be injured, what! "His mouth opened in surprise. " But how ? " This is, of course, the problem for poor art. How could I tell the mother to s of his beloved child, damn Simon had masturbated in had forgotten and now blood -stained pants and blisters to prove it. " In HHMM.. well... that..... " type of search as red as a beet, without taking his eyes the ground, he was stymied. This includes, if not almost dead covered. Ass ! He kicked the ground. " I promise I will not tell me I told you? " only had maneuvered out of it, happens all the time! mothers is n dass ". I said no and I promise I will not do," said Linda. "? Come to order which is why are you always so embarrassing," " Oh, Mom, no, I'm not... Oh, that's terrible... oh... oh! " N After a brief pause and summon all her courage, she stammered : ". Well, he's..... uh.. is was... was... playing with yourself " n " art. What do you mean? " It was too naive to be personified. " Did he has some toys? " An only child, Linda was not very wise when it comes to world guys came all issues related to puberty, had these things have always left s a kind of Ted. Not that she was a prude just had sex not too high in your life differently than does motherhood appears n and never really had those who longed to be understood. From looking at the kind of face that has a couple of toasted buns very well. looked at each other. There was nothing to do, had to write and then he could escape to the stands waiting to go in the Asian Lolita underhis pocket. " Mom, there HHMM.. WOT is called ? Uumm... yer, I know.. " " That's what ? " " is, uh.. self- abuse! Asian Lolita " " What? " He froze. Your baby Simon! Sex! "No, oh.. oh my God, who is not old enough! No, I mean.... The" The pita bread was on fire. type intake and almost choked on the word, as he it. "Masturbation. " With that literally ran from the kitchen and flew upstairs to the security of your room. Linda was amazed. As a reflection, it became in the electric water heater for the inevitable pot tea and sat slowly on the kitchen table. This led to some thought that after all given his word art is not to say something directly to Simon. The truth is that I have never yet reached the idea that Simon knew that was not even a thing with sexual. Now that she has said, he masturbated. Certainly he was not old enough he was still in shorts! If not for that kind of seed left stains on your clothes and beddingis probably not even thought that all children masturbate at all! Very different from Ted, narrow-minded view of their meaning sex, which do not, unfortunately, was of the opinion that masturbation n is not healthy, especially, need to be encouraged and certainly not n for the young Simon. 06th somewhere around 00 clock Ted at work and was greeted by Linda, who was then ready to be questioned. He did his best to follow his course in without much detail Asian Lolita and managed to soothe, while or the obvious, all the kids that it was something to do after all n. As he does not believe that pudding for detecting respective does not need to look beyond the garbage of his other son, art ! The point of another thing he did was simply that she had a daughter at that age, , then he would have wanted or expected to participate in similar problems. Linda therefore, must respect the fact that Simon deserves as n child a little more privacy and growing. Although, a lighting systemFaster TLE n of what might have wanted, and that it is best to leave questions adolescent boys to the boys! n understandable tea is an environment a bit off, not only because the boys were not big fans of ham salad ! Simon knows nothing of s what was said of him, just before he did was not bad s, while nature was worried that Linda would say something. instead of Simon stared in disbelief at her baby, while Ted wisely under profile and really enjoyed the salad! After dinner was cleared Arts announced a surprise that n in reality will to finish their tasks without annoyance. Simon followed suit and stared at Ted, as he climbed the stairs waiting for the announcement that would soon follow and offer more medical counseling and treatment. About ten minutes later a knock on the door so Ted. It would be a few minutes earlier had been giving a magnifying glass art have captured stols writings evidence a thorough inspection of dry seeds. " Who's there? " Cried way more pulled his chair under the table. N "Yo, Dad, I can go ? " " YER... of course. " " Yes, of course. What is the problem? " Ted came in and was surprised to see art sat on the table with their books out before and in fact n with a pen. " English innit ? " " Ah, a rhetorical question. " "What is that? " " Uumm... is answers a question with another question. "Ted said," Do you wash all right, you look a little? " " to me is fine. "kind of struggle in his chair and began playing with his pen. The lid was on the table. " I have to put some ink on them. In any case, dad, wot do you want me? " N "I wanted to ask about Simon, like now? " n " Oh yer! winked at me, the nurse had to take - because it rubbed so bad. " Art. " Oh, no! That bad? " Ted sounded quite surprised. He looked around, , was pleased by the way, like a little more orderly maintained. " Yer, bad kid! "The art seemed to tremble and then smiled. " Ooh.. n he had removed his trousers and looked really good and rubbed some stuff on it. " Ted also smile. " Oh, my God, I bet he was not happy! " " No, but I knew I had no choice. I'm in the footnote to the lack games and stuff. " " Well, well. "Ted said, turning to go," Well, you will receive with your job and I'm going to check on her. " The door was closed. Type hear the footsteps of senior management about how the land of Simon room after he was sure his father had moved, that s the table. his left hand clutching the stolen pants wrapped tightly around his cock was dripping with hot cum in his hand, and saturated white elastic waist " Close" said and smiled. "Flushed all my damn yer 'n hand! " Ted stood beside the bed, sat on the edge of Simon: " Well, then there is n is better? " " No, it's worse. "Simon is certainly not very happy that " It was so bad walking, dass. oh hold Dad, I have something for you. "N Simon was looking through his blazer pocket. " " " What is this? The.. so well done for coming to see me, the school nurse. " He drew his face, " She had a good view on it and put a couple of things. "N " She put in it those things! "Ted looked at him with amazement. " I had to do it! " He paused and looked down ashamed clear" to It is not now, nobody had ever seen.. it's just you and the arts. " Ted was played instead of this, he put his arm around him did not say n, o half minute passed, Simon looked up and finally just said. "Dad. "N " I know. "Ted smiled:" Come, let's see if we can do better. " " Yer, here's the note he gave to me and told me it was the best cream and stuff You have to get something. " deployed Ted crumpled note :" It is an ointment that I have never heard of , I'll bring the mummy to the pharmacy for the morning. " " dad ", he sounded worried, " she knows... I mean, how? Have you told her n WOT happens? " " Well, I had to saysomething wrong? However, we do not know exactly how to hurt. " " would not imagine that ? I " Simon seemed very surprised to see the beating of his mother, thought anything about the actual mechanics of masturbation. " mi.. they do not know.. You know.. uh.. like you ummm.. Through WAN.. " " Maybe not. "Ted interrupted, better not to Simon when he was in more already though. " Come, let's go to the bathroom and put some Savlon on, is all we have until we going to the pharmacy morning. " sat still clinging to the table in a wet sheet, the distinctive character Click the bathroom door was his signal. Arise, dried softening cock a last time before she takes her Asian Lolita panties Cummy under the bed. Usually, in their haste to push through his thick body back the fly of his jeans, did not realize that semen stains shining in the dark material. Nor is recognized that, because it always however, was not the UNDerwen dribbling different, which always seemed to escape at the tip of the tail also quickly filter through the front of his pants ! Very quietly, opened the bedroom door and looked, was everything else. Seconds later, a few steps and found him in Simon s room. Looking under the bed, he was pleased to see that his intuition had has been proved right, and precisely where Simon had hidden the old duffel bag. In fact, in a hurry Simons, hide the bag a couple of pairs writings had fallen and were lying on the floor of it. Art smiled even he crawled under the bed and quickly gathered up everything that is not remembers the dust and bits of fluff, he had now hit the front of his pants. Beat a hasty retreat but was silent before in the safety of your own room. Undoubtedly, the bag was, in any case, the source of odor in the room and Simon yesterday, and pushed his head into art inhaled deeply. Nirvana. A COMBINATIONSNo sweat, urine and delicious sticky children genitals. Although only a few minutes before the end of his cock to start was hard again, automatically reached down and unzipped fly to find inside, everything was very sticky. Unable to contain himself, but manipulates his hardening cock out n the fly, could not resist dipping into his pocket and holding two pair of panties. The first were some Y- fronts, which seemed relatively new, starts to masturbate slowly than review, but was disappointed a little because the owner apparently did not cum in them! Despite the Some stains of pee that certainly seemed the most clean enough to wear the next day, as its only an even again soaked in cum! The second pair were older St Michael seemed to be an interesting n much more. Even know they are now gray and formless have suffered the ravages of many teenagers and erection, would be think thonly a few items! Her eyes widened when he saw the download information on the latest in all its glory is yellow, he had to say panties were damp when taken out of games ? Wrapped in his fertile kind imagination in overdrive heavily polluted pocket of his cock n sticky and began to masturbate in earnest, his last display conquest Ian, with his hands in his pockets in the back of the class. innocent pleasures of youth. ############################################ # # # # # # # # # # chapter 40 to follow
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